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Why choose us?

The key to our success is that we embrace collaboration and demand that our strategists, systems engineers,  network architects, administrative support and project managers work closely and directly with all of our customers.

As your managed IT services company you will notice that our communication skills is one of the qualities that sets us apart.

We want our IT services team to be viewed as an extension of your company.

We Work With You To Create Right Fit IT Solutions

Your company runs on a unique technology stack. A technology stack is a mix of technology solutions, software and hardware, that are used together to deliver your product and/or service to your customers.

Our role, as your IT provider, is to assist you in the creation of a technology roadmap that will streamline the operations and workflow of your business.

We specialize in reliable, affordable IT solutions that are a perfect fit for your organization. 

We Have The IT Experience You Need

Our technicians, engineers, project managers and administrative staff  have an average tenure of 12 years.

This level of technology experience brings efficiency. 4 Pillars IT provides a staff of IT experts that can resolve your technology issues and quickly get you and your team back to work.

Your 4 Pillars IT  team has the wisdom and foresight that only decades of experience can provide. We help our customers navigate the complexity of IT so you don’t have to.

We Are A Trusted IT Partner

When you select 4 Pillars IT as your technology provider you are choosing a partner that will guide you and make recommendations that are in your best interest.

We discuss your company goals and objectives during regular reviews, then provide advice and technological direction.

At 4 Pillars IT, we pride ourselves in our long term business relationships. Our customers think of us as an extension of their organizations.

Why do we go to the extent that other MSPs do not? Simply put – if you don’t look good, we don’t look good.

We Provide Secure Solutions To Protect Your Environment

Starting a business isn’t easy. Once you have built your business and have more customers dependent on your product or services the responsibility heightens.

With increasing threats like ransomware and phishing you need to take extra steps to protect your business. You need a security stack that will defend your company day and night.

Our solutions include business class hardware and software with a well planned, secure architecture to protect your company against cyber threats.

Contact us to learn more about the hardware and software security stack and start protecting your company today.

Managed IT Support


We handle all of your IT support needs. This means complete desktop, laptop, server and network support.

If your company has under 100 employees it can be expensive to hire IT staff. You would be offering a full time salary plus benefits. If you hire an individual, this person will need to have a lot of knowledge: desktop/laptop support, server support, network support, budgets, and the ability to work with management and company objectives. This means a lot of training would be necessary to keep this individual effective at their job(s). Also, people take vacations, get sick and will eventually leave. Meaning you would be starting the learning curve over again with a new hire.

A managed IT services provider has a full team of experts. You will get desktop/laptop specialists, server specialists, and network specialists. You also have a team of project managers, administrative staff and virtual CIO’s that are part of the package.

Our knowledgeable technical team has an average of over 12 years of experience and can resolve any issue. This keeps you and your employees up-to-date, productive and secure so you can confidently support your customers.

To sum it up, you get more with less.


It’s a rare day when you read the news and don’t hear about a company getting breached by ransomware or a phishing campaign.

We all need to  to protect ourselves.

Our Security as a Service (SaaS) solutions encompass everything you need to protect your desktops, servers, network (firewall, switches, wireless access points), email and website.

You probably don’t know it but out of the box solutions are not secure. Your email, files, and networked devices all need protection. Your employees need training as well to prevent phishing attempts.

Our managed security solutions are configured and delivered through a layered approach to protect your company and it’s digital assets.

What would your company do if everybody came to the office one morning and all of your data was gone? How do they get their jobs done? What happens to your customers?

Your key business systems (ERP, CRM, accounting software, email, files and all of your other critical data) need to be backed-up.

Backup and disaster recovery solutions need to be in place to protect your business.

We help you create a backup plan that is designed to protect your company from hacks, theft, internal threats, weather and fire related causes.

Call us for a discussion about your current backup situation.

We understand that not every company needs full IT support.

Maybe you have an IT professional on your staff and just need an extra set of hands to get through your project list.

That’s why we offer project based and onsite IT services.

Need a firewall or server upgrade? How about rolling out new laptops while you work through your project list?

Give us a call. We’re happy to help.

4 Pillars IT offers managed cloud services.

We can help you migrate some, or all, of your data to the cloud.

Moving to the cloud or to a data center provides maximum up-time for your critical data.

Have a cloud solution but need help managing the environment and keeping your data secure with the proper permissions?

We have the staff to either assist with your existing solution or we can architect a solution to fit your organization.

Time to replace that aging phone system?

We have a VoIP phone solution that can get your employees mobile.

A phone system that will display your company caller ID while they are working from home.

Your business phone solution can be setup with the same call flows you have today but will have all of the features you need.

Complete local support comes with our VoIP system.

Let us show you how easy it is for your employees to use your company phone while working at home or in the field.


Systems Administrator

We are currently taking applications for a Systems Administrator position. We are seeking individuals with 10+ years experience, have the ambition to really know their job, who want to grow, are really good with time management and offer great customer service skills.

In return we offer a fun, friendly, somewhat predictable and reliable team that’s got your back.

And we pay, too. Yeah!

Please reach out to learn more about this position. We look forward to meeting with you.

Level II Help Desk Pro

4 Pillars IT is currently taking applications for a Help Desk guru. A minimum of 5 years experience. We are looking for individuals with great troubleshooting abilities and quality customer service skills.

We look forward to paying you based on what you bring to the table.

Looking for ambitious learners who love what they do and want to expand their horizons.

If this is you. Please reach out to us. We want to help you with your career!

Experienced Technical Account Manager

We are looking for an experienced Technical Account Manager.

In this role you will be assisting our valued customers with right-fit office technology solutions.

If you have a technology background and love creating right-fit solutions that make a positive impact and provide measurable results we are interested in speaking with you about this opportunity.

Give us a call to hear more about this position.

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