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Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

Disasters Happen,

Ransomware Happens,

hardware failure Happens.

theft Happens.

Protect Your Company From A Catastrophic Data Loss

Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions are vital for businesses of all sizes. Disasters come in many forms including: fire, flood, theft, ransomware, and accidental deletion.

What’s important is that you are prepared.

You need all of the critical data in your organization protected.

Take measures to protect your data so your organization can get back to business as soon as possible in the event a data loss occurs.

4 Pillars IT has multiple backup solutions that fit any size customer and budget.

Recent Statistics On Companies Not Having A Proper Backup Should Concern You
40% fail to reopen following a disaster
90% fail within 2 years after a disaster without a proper data backup
93 percent go out of business within 1 year after a ransomware attack
Proactive Managed IT Services Support
Backup as a Service

4 Pillars IT has several backup options to fit any organization or budget.

Our backup solutions are created based on our clients needs.

A quick backup audit will allow us to see what you need to back up. We often find critical company data that hasn’t been backed-up during this audit process.

We then make a recommendation on the right backup solution for your organization and have a discussion about your expectations if you were to have a data loss event.

Based on our recommendation and your feedback we can build the proper backup solution that will save your company in the event of a catastrophic data loss.

Please fill out the form below and we will schedule a brief meeting to discuss backup solutions for your IT environment.

Managed IT Services & Custom Fit Solutions
Microsoft Office 365 Backups Are Critical

Many organizations are now on the M365 platform. It’s all in the cloud, right?

Most organizations believe that their data is automatically backed-up after purchasing M365 (M365 was called O365 prior to April 21, 2020).

It is not true that your company data is being backed up properly. Microsoft has a secure environment for all of the data that you company creates but it is not truly being backed up in a proper fashion.

It is highly recommended that you back up the critical data in your M365 environment.

What would you do if you lost your email (including calendars, tasks, and attachments), SharePoint, OneDrive or Teams environment? This amount of data and customer interaction is impossible to recreate.

Contact us to discuss M365 backups for your organization.


IT Strategy & IT Solutions
Free Backup Audit

We offer a free backup audit to discover whether or not your critical data is being protected.

If you are not sure whether or not ALL of your data is getting a regular backup you should be losing sleep.

You would be surprised how many backup audits we perform that find critical data that is not getting a back up.

If you fill out the form below, we will contact you to discuss our free backup audit.


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